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Crain's New York Business is proud to announce Crain's 2024 Notable Real Estate Leaders, a special editorial feature within Crain's July 22 print issue and online that will profile top real estate leaders in New York. 

Your company and its executives are invited to submit a nomination that will help us determine this year's honorees. The special section will recognize individuals for their success and accomplishments during the last 18 months.

The deadline to nominate an individual for this feature is May 24, at 11:59 p.m. EST. 

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Important criteria for consideration: 

Notable Real Estate Leaders must... 

  • Work for a residential or commercial real estate firm (architecture, development, construction, brokerage).  
  • Be currently serving in a senior leadership role at the firm.  
  • Demonstrate an innovative approach to marketing a home or commercial real estate property.   
  • Assume a leadership position outside of the candidate’s own organization or company, including professional organizations, civic/community service initiatives, philanthropic activities, mentoring programs and diversity and inclusion efforts. 

Nominee location: 

New York City metro area (the five boroughs of NYC or Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and Bergen counties)

  • Full time/hybrid nominees: To qualify a nominee must serve full-time or hybrid from a New York City metro area office. 
  • Fully remote nominees: 
    • If the nominee works for a company/team that is not based in the New York City metro area, the nominee must live in the area listed above to qualify. 
    • If the nominee is fully remote and works with a team in the New York City metro area but does not live in the area listed above, that person does not qualify.

Ready to submit your nomination? Start here

Nomination requirements:

You will be asked to complete a nomination form that includes:

  • Nominator/ nominee contact information
  • Short descriptions about the nominee’s success and impact in their career, community, and industry. This includes their education, current scope of work, significant projects and board memberships.
  • A headshot and current resume/bio are required for nomination

How to nominate:

  • To get started, click the application link and sign into your account. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one before you can proceed with the nomination form. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox web browsers to complete your application. Note, your CrainsNewYork.com account is separate from an account you create for Notables or any other Crain's New York Business recognition program.
  • All required sections of the form must be completed for consideration. The required sections on the form are marked with a red asterisk. Please note incomplete answers may result in disqualification. Incomplete answers include, “please contact the nominee for more information,” or 1 sentence responses.
  • Only one nomination is necessary per nominee. Multiple nominations do not increase the nominee's chances of being recognized. Self-nominations are accepted.

Honoree notification: 

Individuals chosen to be featured in the section will be notified by Crain's New York Business Notable team approximately three weeks prior to publication. 

Important information:

Honoree profiles in the published section will be created using the information supplied in the nomination form. We will not accept revised nomination forms, so take care that what you provide is accurate. Honoree profiles will not be provided for review before the section publishes. Crain's editorial staff holds full rights to edit information provided to meet style and editorial standards as well as space limitations. Do not submit information that is subject to change by the publishing date. Do not submit information you consider to be confidential.

By submitting a nomination for this feature, you have consented to receive marketing, editorial and event related emails from Crain's and our program sponsors. You may unsubscribe or change your email preferences through links in emails you receive.

Contact us:

If you experience any issues while submitting a nomination or have questions regarding the nomination criteria, please email Crain's New York Business Notable team at NewYorkRecognitions@crain.com.


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