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When will I hear back about if I was chosen? 
We strive to alert candidates approximately three to five weeks prior to the special section publication date. This is a rough timeframe that involves many factors. Please know that once judging is complete, we will only reach out to candidates that were chosen. This notification will be an email from NotableRecognition@crainsnewyork.com. 

Can I contact you to see how my nominee is doing in the judging process? 
Unfortunately, we don't give status reports. If we need any further information, we will contact you. We thank you for your patience and for your submissions.  

Can I submit a person who has already been chosen as a past Notable honoree in this category or a different one? 
Yes. You are also welcome to submit yourself for any category!  

May I submit more than one nomination from my company? Is there a limit? 
You can feel free to submit as many nominations as you deem are worthy of consideration. There is no limit. 

When you ask for a mentor, who are you looking for? 
Please provide a mentor to the nominee, not someone to whom the nominee is a mentor. This is not a required field, but can be beneficial in the judging process. 

Is there a fee to nominate a Notable executive? 
There is no fee to nominate an executive for our Notable series. 

Does this person need to be based in New York? 
Yes. Nominees must work within the New York City metro area (the five boroughs of NYC or Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and Bergen counties) to qualify.

What are the headshot requirements?  

Below are examples of appropriate headshots in terms of scale and size of subject.


  • Clear wide-shot headshot 

  • Hi-resolution (300 dpi) 

  • .jpg file 

  • Min width 1500px 

  • Max file size 25MB 

Am I able to review the profile before it is published? 

Honoree profiles in the published section will be created using the information supplied in the nomination form. We will not accept revised nomination forms, so take care that what you provide is accurate. Honoree profiles will not be provided for review before the section publishes. Crain's editorial staff holds full rights to edit information provided to meet style and editorial standards as well as space limitations. Do not submit information that is subject to change by the noted publishing date. Do not submit information you consider to be confidential. Honoree profiles in the published feature will be based on information supplied in the nomination form. A reminder: The content is subject to editing by Crain's New York Business staff to meet style and editorial standards.